Abandoned Beauty

I’ve been looking for an awesome country-like setting forever but sadly i’m pretty horrible at the whole location searching. Finally got a tip on this little gem hiding out on the outside of town! Upon arriving it was a little more run down than i thought. Nature had taken it’s toll on the area and also the cold had all the grass near death. Still it has great potential! The only thing I wasn’t to thrilled about was the amount of thorns. Which for my little wanderer was a bit of a scare that she would get tore up! But we steered clear of the dangerous spots and got some good shots. And my hubs is getting better (had to fixed some crooked frames but hey he’s learning) so i was able to jump in some photos of my own 🙂

22 IMG_9817 IMG_9827 IMG_9842 IMG_9847 IMG_9874 IMG_9914 IMG_9940


Picture Perfect Love

I HATE that we rushed this session. And that the ground was wet! The lighting was amazing and every photographer in the area knew it because it was pretty busy! We had so many cute things planned that involved laying in the dang grass with all the beautiful leaves UGH! but it still turned out to be an amazingly beautiful session thanks to a gorgeous little family that i can’t wait to work with again. You’ll see them again soon because i recruited them to be my models for a romantic couples shoot I’m trying to put together 😉 My only bump in the road was SUPER and VERY easily distracted little Daniel! It was pretty hard to find photos with him looking into the lens despite my directing mom and step-dads pleading lol  You’ll also probably see him in some of my upcoming projects for 2013. Like i said before i’ve got some BIG plans that include lots of fun themed shoots and event mini events! 🙂

Baby Blues

This girl is like the first person to ever make an appointment and NOT CHANGE IT! 🙂 Loved talking to these to and love love loved seeing their blue eyed beauty! Its always nice to have a shoot where you just feel like your hanging out and forget your really working! Cute family, Cute baby, Nuf said!

Chojnacki Family


Let me just start off by saying this family lives in the most gorgeous and friendly community i have ever seen! It had lakes and big beautiful trees all colorful from the fall change. I’m also so glad this family contacted me again! We were supposed to do this shoot a wile back but of course plans change and they went to somebody else and didn’t get the photos they were looking for so we got together and i drove out to Sanford to re-do photos for this beautiul little family along with some model-status ones for their 4 year old little princess 🙂