Halloween + ZombieWalk2012

So I’m a little late getting this up. Last friday was fourth friday in downtown Fayetteville and in spirit of Halloween they had a huge ZombieWalk. Tons and tons of zombies with makeups ranging from kids costumes to movie-quality. I had the idea to invite people within our photography group to come before hand for a  halloween costume photoshoot and even though we had around 10-12 photographer we had exactly 0 models!! So i tossed some dirt and fake blood up on my little K and figured i could at least shoot her (as if i didn’t have enough photos of her) that was until these girls gave me a ring 🙂 So we threw out some sexy poses and two of them even jumped in the freezing fountain.

Afterwards we walked out to the street where they had side street shows like belly dancers and acoustic singers. We had a blast just walking up and down the streets listening to live bands and taking in the street lights. Coming from a tiny Texas town we never really saw anything like this lol. Even K had fun dancing in the streets and eating chicken strips from one of the restaurants 🙂

At exactly 8PM the zombies stepped out and it was awesome! I snagged photos until my battery ran dead (which was pretty quickly lol) Sadly since i don’t have that great of equipment to shoot in low light like that the photos didn’t come out great but it’s a memory and time spent with my family that i will cherish


A Little Twisted

I. Love. Zombies.

To the point where me and my family have a “zombie takeover plan” we just somehow have to make it to Texas lol Another thing i love is this photography group. You meet tons of amazing photographers both more and less experienced which is great because we can swap camera talk and one guy was nice enough to even let me use one of his lenses. This meetup was The Walking Dead themed which is one of my favorite tv shows on right now. It was an absolute blast and i had so much fun the models did a great job and the survivors were awesome and i really wish i could have stayed longer but it was time for me to go and i dont have that good of equiptment to shoot in low light . So. Much. Fun! Take a peak at what i got 😉

My Little Star

I think K has gotten so use to me following her around with my camera she doesn’t really care anymore. It literally takes some crazy singing and dancing to get her to look into the lens lol but it’s so worth it to have these to forever look back on 🙂 And she’s the perfect model to practice all my new skills on!

Redefining Bright Eyes!

So i always show up early to my locations to make sure its not being used or anything before my clients show up just in case i need to change venues last minute especially since this was my first time shooting in this location. While scouting around the spot (which i loved btw) a ran into another photographer waiting to meet his clients. He had some legit equipment and stuff and he noticed my camera and when a novice would think my short little lens wasnt very professional he knew i was using a prime fixed lens and we got to talking about everything from equipment to where he does his print (apparently Sams does amazing prints?! Who knew!) and after swapping a few quick stories he gave me some pretty inspirational advice. But on to the actual shoot…

This was my firsts totally kid focused session and after learning from a few mistakes dealing with kiddos in the past i made sure to bring plenty of toys and candy and jump and play with them more. It totally helped because the kids were having fun with the stuff i brought and it was actually SUPER easy to shoot them. Not together of course but separately and a few with mom too 🙂 And because i didn’t need much cooperation because they were just THAT photogenic the whole shoot only took about an hour which compared to my usual 2-3 was insane! Great kids, beautiful mom, and lots and lots of love ❤

Boot Love…It’s a Texas thing

This couple was from San Antonio so instantly i knew they would be awesome. I mean when you come from a place as cool as Texas being awesome is like a requirement haha! When this family showed up all decked out in cowboy boots i knew it would be a good day. Little did i know these sleepy angels would give me a run for my money!

After getting stripped from their car ride induced nap mom & dad gave them a bit of chocolate to get the girls going. And for the first thirty minutes or so it seemed to be working! But soon the oldest wanted to find bugs and tell her abuela about the “tunnel” aka tiny gutter and the youngest really just wanted to run! 🙂 I got some good ones of the girls and some even better ones of the parents yet not even in one shot could i get everyone to look at me in a full family photo! So i’ll probably be blending together photos day and night for the next week! lol But it’ll be worth it in the end and i have another fun shoot in mind that this family would be perfect for but i don’t shoot and tell 🙂 and this time we’ll pick a time away from nap time!


Work on my indoor studio set up for christmas mini session is going great 🙂

Of course just to test my lighting and stuff i used thick wrapping paper for a backdrop and picture frames wrapped in aluminum foil to bounce light so it’s kind of a redneck studio right now 🙂 but my two little monsters modeled for me (barely) So i’ll continue to work and post my progress and hopefully ill have it ready just in time because i want to do these minis early november!



Cheesy pictures, dead birds, and lots of wind!

I promise all questions concerning my titles always get answered in the post, I’m not completely insane! I had been talking to Ellen for a while planning this shoot and minus the playground (which would have been awesome!) i think all of our ideas (kinda) came through. The wind and the broken bubble wand screwed up the bubble idea but i like the toy truck espeically cause it really popped out of the pictures! Her one request was the chalkboard photos and other than their height difference which was a little challenging but adorable they were a breeze! I guess compared to working with kids and large groups i really underestimated how quickly and easy couple could be! 🙂 After some fun pictures we wanted to cute a little more romantic so we headed into downtown under the market tower and then a cute little alley we saw while walking around trying to find a bathroom for the wardrobe change (never found one lol) This alley though pretty with exposed brick and vines we found like 3 old dead birds but luckily none of us really cared so we just pushed on.

I had a blast working with this couple and just wandering around downtown talking about everything from our cars to what we would name our kids 🙂