So your ready for some updated family photos? Arrival of a new little one? Big event? or even just a little self-confidence boost?

I do not “specialize” in just one of these, what i offer is customized photography that is catered to you and your family. Working everything around your want and needs. I don’t have set time limits and i’m not gonna just show up, tell you where to stand, and send you a CD a week later. I will annoy you with the amount of questions i will ask you to get too really know you and know what kind of photos fits you. I believe in southern hospitality and customer service meaning i want you to not only like my work but also me as a person i don’t aim for a one shoot deal i want you to be able to come back to me everytime 🙂

But there’s no way i can afford this!

Not true. AT ALL! Now i may not be the cheapest person around but at some point you get what you pay for. That being said i can work with almost any budget and will go to any lengths to cut costs whether it be picking a location in my backyard to cut down my cost to booking you with someone else to split the expense! Just ask and don’t be embarrassed or afraid. Yes this my job so i do have to make some money but my job isn’t done without you getting the photos you want and deserve.

But i don’t think i need them. I don’t like the way i look. Maybe when I loose some more weight.

You are a liar if you said any of these. Why would you not want something to show off the things you care about most in this world? Don’t let anything hold you back! You deserve to be in pictures with your loved ones!

Okay you convinced me! What now? 

E-mail me, send me a message on my Facebook page and let’s get you on the way to creating some visual memories 🙂


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