What I’ve been up to…

Yep 365 just did not work for me. I still plan to take as many as possible but the pressure of taking some every single day especially on a day where I have session just isn’t my speed. So I will just start integrating them into my “Journey Updates” 🙂 I know everybody is always siked to get their tax return back and we were no different. I finally got to upgrade my equipment! Which included a new camera (Canon 5d mark ii) and tons of new studio equipment all of which I am struggling to get the hang of. The camera is the most difficult. It’s twice as complicated as my T3i. But its just another mountain to climb on my path of learning 🙂

IMG_0489 IMG_1710 IMG_1727 IMG_9899 IMG_9907


*Nadeau Family*

I feel like I say this everytime but this family was a blast! The kids were so outgoing, crazy, and super adorable so this shoot turned out to be more of a playtime shoot than anything else which always turn out to be my favorite 🙂