Hitting the books

If you couldn’t tell i’m a self-taught photographer (with help from some inspiring professionals of course too) I usually crack books or research blogs and inspiration at least 5-6 days out of the week. Course it drives the hubs nuts cause he thinks i’m just pintresting (which i usually keep in at least one window lol) I have this little journal, my own photography bible, where i write down every little thing i find important or even the least bit interesting. Equipment, posing ideas, photoshoot themes, tons of sketches and little reminders for everything from lighting to get kids to cooperate. Morally of my story is i just bought 2 new books that i’m super excited about and i’ll be calling up my model soon to try it all out next week 🙂 This year is gonna be awesome!

Oh and side note i will also be doing a photo a day and every Saturday i will post the photos i take during the week. Wish me luck and watch me grow! 🙂


Taking in the little things

I know this came out way too overexposed but hey that’s why this comes with a little explanation. I was walking out with my daughter trying to find something to photograph (seeing as i hadn’t really gotten to do a real photoshoot in a while) As i was walking i looked down at my daughter and realized i was looking at my shot all along 🙂 That little peek they take up to you when you lead them off that gets taken for granite, although of course she looks a little angry for some reason lol. Enjoy my princess K 🙂

A mothers point of view

A mothers point of view

Lights, Lighting, Lighten.

Well its no question to any photographer, getting that photo is 90% based on light. What time of day is the light best? Is it overcast or is it beaming down? Can i get enough natural light in the room or am i actually gonna have to use this horrible thing they call an on-camera flash? You can’t really predict how the light is gonna be during your session(at least not with anough time to do anything about it!) This is where having a knowledgable photographer makes all the difference. Now i’m not saying im any kind of light wizard because as you all know i’m still a toddler just learning to walk in this profession 🙂 My current project is the perfect bokeh photo! (I’m a sucker for focus contrast!) So i’ll direct this post to my photog friends! How do you work with the light? Share some tips, times of day you prefer, or even lighting equiptment you love and adore! Keep on clickin! 🙂

Rockin It Out Larynx Style

If you know me personally you’d know I am all about alternative/punk rock music, lots of big tattoos, all that jazz 🙂 So i knew my high school friend was in this band and doing their first EP album release (which is amazing by the way you should totally check them out very smooth, Starships is my fav 🙂 links below) so of course i offered to cover because it was during our trip home and helped me keep my mind off of Little K staying with grandparents overnight for the first time! I had a blast meeting the guys they were all really awesome and super nice and if was my first time using my brand new speedlight for their “Red Carpet Premier” themed backdrop they had all set up for me. They were only missing one thing. Light! It was a dang bat cave in there and so of course my camera couldn’t see them to even focus on them properly. My solution you may ask?  An pen-sized LED light wand. So here i am balancing my extremely top-heavy camera in one hand and this little light wand in the other far apart enough so that they dont get in the way of each other. I’m sure you can in vision how ridiculous i looked lol. But it was all good fun and the photos came out fine, crooked! but fine 🙂 As for the actual concert well of course it was awesome. The guys were on fire and so was the crowd. All together it was a great time for everybody and I hope they are still in little ol’ Bryan/College Station when i get back but with their talent i highly doubt it! 🙂

Larynx Music



Tell em i sent you 😉

A facelift and a new name

So i’ve been pretty absent from my blog partly because of how busy iv’e been and partly because nobody ever looks at this thing so i moved it to the bottom of my list. I finally changed the name from KLG Snapshots to MicheleGinnPhotography for many reasons.

First, I think its sounds much more professional and not like i only specialize for kids and families. Don’t get me wrong i love shooting little kiddos but i love balancing it with some real romance and even some edgy sexy shoots i have planned for the future 😉

Second, if i had another kid it didn’t seem fair to name my buisness after my first. Probably not a good idea to begin with my what can i say 🙂 my little K is my world!!

So with the new name came a new logo which i think also just fits perfectly with my style and with me. Now that christmas photo season is over (for me at least) January is the start of a whole new plan. While still doing shoots for families, babies, birthdays, and couples i have come up with a little “theme list” Just some ideas and things i’ve always looked at and said “Man, i wish i could shoot something like that” It’s everything from a daddy-daughter tea party at the rose gardens to showing off some sexy tattoos for some edgy pin ups. I’ll probably post up my list of ideas here when i get back to NC along with all the photoshoots i’ve done the past 2 weeks! But for now i’m gonna relax and spend some quality time with my family with a few little shoots here and there.

Happy Holidays Everybody!

Picture Perfect Love

I HATE that we rushed this session. And that the ground was wet! The lighting was amazing and every photographer in the area knew it because it was pretty busy! We had so many cute things planned that involved laying in the dang grass with all the beautiful leaves UGH! but it still turned out to be an amazingly beautiful session thanks to a gorgeous little family that i can’t wait to work with again. You’ll see them again soon because i recruited them to be my models for a romantic couples shoot I’m trying to put together 😉 My only bump in the road was SUPER and VERY easily distracted little Daniel! It was pretty hard to find photos with him looking into the lens despite my directing mom and step-dads pleading lol  You’ll also probably see him in some of my upcoming projects for 2013. Like i said before i’ve got some BIG plans that include lots of fun themed shoots and event mini events! 🙂

Baby in progress!

Before anybody gets too excited no i am not the one pregnant! lol as i’ve said before and i will gladly say again one little gremlin is enough for me right now! Besides i dont think our bank account could handle another spoiled little girl!!

That brings us to the REAL momma of the day! She and her hubs wanted some gorgeous black and white studio style photos. Our first dilema was that she really wanted a few christmas style photos but also wanted to wait a little bit to be further along in her maternity photos. So i broke out just a little bit of my indoor set-up and took a few Christmassy ones first and then in just a few weeks they will come back for the real thing! I’m excited too because my hubs is going to make me a backdrop frame and im gonna probably get a set of curtains (because they cost WAY less than a real backdrop and look exactly the same!) It’ll be really nice to be doing something a little different than the usual outdoor photos 🙂 Wish me luck!