Fall photos in the summer heat with no leaves. Lets make it work!

This couple were my first homecoming session if you couldn’t remember that firey red hair 🙂 I love working with them so much and this time they brought another family for us to torture! So it started (and continued) with all the men throwing a fit about taking cheesy photos. Soon the kids got distracted by all the leaves and sticks to play with. But we were determined to get good shots!

After dragging everybody around and bribing them with candy and laser tag we came with some smile and laughs and it paved the way for our shoot on Sunday at THE BEACH!! 🙂

And the best part is they are letting me drag my family along with us so we get to spend allllll day there so i have plenty of opportunities to catch all those candid moments and after dinner some sexy sunset couples photos 😉


I see many sleepless nights in my future!

So I was super excited to hear back from my first homecoming couples for their family session and she shared with me some amazing news…we are going to the BEACH! 🙂 not only are we going to do a fall family shoot but they are going to cover my travel to go for a beach shoot!


I’m crazy happy right now and in addition to planning for my two shoots the weekend after as well i just downloaded Photoshop Lightroom 4. So far is so great, way more advanced than Elements but much simpler than CS6 along with the new lens I’m gonna pick up this week i should come out with some amazing photos!


So in conclusion Michele and a decent amount of sleep are about to become strangers 😉 haha!


Finally I have made it into our new apartment and out of that horrible house! I’m gonna miss it a lot mostly just because K really grew up there but we are in a MUCH better place now! 🙂 on a photography note i’ve been doing a lot more studying bouncing light with white foam boards and scouring the area for new locations. I can’t wait to try out my new techniques with my next clients! I feel like its been ages since i last had a session!!

Cheerios and Dirt

This family was tons of fun. I went to school with the husband a lifetime ago (small world eh?) Their daughter was so adorable and very hungry snacking on cheerios the whole time even if they had a little dirt on them 🙂 Her dad even had to bribe her with them just to get a hug lol She wasn’t to cooperative with the pictures either and was wiggling all over the place and trying to escape but we still got out with some good shots and another family is reunited 🙂 Welcome Home Thomas!

Chalkin it Up!

Yesterday my husband and K were so into coloring all over our driveway (her mostly trying to sneak it in her mouth) still made great daddy-daughter memories 🙂

Capturing the everyday

So i’ve been doing a lot of studying to better my photography and it’s really shaping my pictures and myself for the better 🙂 Of course im sure my family is a little annoyed at me having my camera attached to my face half the day but they’ll learn to get used to it! lol These were taken today SOOC (straight out of camera) of my daughter just playing in her room but something about how the light was streaming through really made it speical ❤

note to self…DONT BRING THE KID

i was very worried that i wasn’t going to make it to this shoot and with how some of my photos turned out (too much noise or not enough focus) i almost wish i had! but hey some pictures are better than none i suppose so lets tell this story from the beginning. I’ve had this homecoming planned or as well as you can plan a homecoming for about a month and a half. All was well and set until my babysitter canceled on my last minute. Now my daughter is usually the quiet one who is just a little shy around other people. Well just my luck she has officially started the “run around like a maniac and explore my ENTIRE world” stage. oh joy. so she ran. i chased. she climbed. i snatched. but she finally chilled out right when the soldiers arrived (thank GOD!) so i readied my camera and waited for the big release! little did i know i was taking photos of the human bullet! That girl was FAST! so i snatched my daughter and while holding her caught any snap i could of them (professional i know but we already figured out bringing her was a bad idea) And i finally got past the mob of soldiers and families to my couple, caught some more pictures and left kicking myself in the butt for thinking that was good enough. So lets review the lessons learned.

1.DONT BRING THE KID don’t even think about it

2.Green Ramp has horrible lighting

3.When they say release be prepared to run

4.stop wearing jeans when those sheds are a million degrees!!

but at the end of the day a girl got her soldier back and they lived happily ever after 🙂 Welcome Home Justin!