Chojnacki Family


Let me just start off by saying this family lives in the most gorgeous and friendly community i have ever seen! It had lakes and big beautiful trees all colorful from the fall change. I’m also so glad this family contacted me again! We were supposed to do this shoot a wile back but of course plans change and they went to somebody else and didn’t get the photos they were looking for so we got together and i drove out to Sanford to re-do photos for this beautiul little family along with some model-status ones for their 4 year old little princess 🙂


Take 2!

Well they will for sure look familiar considering i shot them earlier this month 🙂 Luckily these two love-birds came back to work with even though i seem to be horrible at shooting just couples! (I have got to find a way to make things less awkward!) But they came, we wrestled with the light again, but i think everything turned out great and i ended up taking what has to be one of my new favorite shots 🙂 I’m mostly just glad i got to redeam myself from making them stand and pose too much last time!!

Baby Fever!

When this momma first contacted me she told me she was just looking for a headshot of her little munchkin for an upcoming pageant. So of course I jumped on the chance! I love babies and let’s be honest in photography it’s weddings, seniors, and NEWBORNS! So it gave me a chance to take a shot at some baby photos 🙂

So i transformed Little K’s old drop side crib into a little mobile baby studio (i am one DIY-loving fool if you didn’t already figure that out lol) after buying a little bit of fabric and using some of Little K’s baby blankets it all came together pretty well. Momma Goode brought her angel to my apartment and this little girl was so cooperative other than when she wanted to just look outside 🙂 But i think the photos came out great and this pageat princess is ready for the stage!

As for my mini-studio, I may still be far from where i’d like to be for full sessions but hey…gotta start somewhere!

Love across the big pond

So you might recognize this badass couple from the Walking Dead photoshoot. Luckily we kept in touch and this girl aspires to become a model and with how much the camera loves her i hope she makes it far! So we chatted and took a long stroll all around downtown it was actually alot of fun. Like taking a scenic route with old friends 🙂 Their chemistry was so strong and i wish only the best for them and hopefully we can work together again!

The sweetest couple i ever did meet

After a long break to expand my skills and just chill out for a while I’m finally back to work and this was my first shoot for the day. This is another couple I’ve to reschedule and reschedule again but I’m so glad we finally got together! They were so relaxed and calm that the time just flew by and even in just them standing together and laguhing at each other you could just see how much these to were in love 🙂 And since they had outdoor photos done before i tried to think outside the box a little bit more. The sun was beaming down a little more than i would have liked and the little grass patch i had like so much in the Churbe shoot was beginning to die so that was out! But we managed with my handy dandy chalkboard and some cuddling. Looking back now i should have tried so many other things but i guess that’s what i get for taking a break and letting myself get rusty! More images to come later!

Bring on the Babies!

I finally found the greatest thing for a baby studio! Little K’s old drop-side crib! With some pretty fabrics and little props i’m just imagining all the adorable babies that would be just so gorgeous!!  but for now i have Little K’s night-night puppy 🙂 Take a peek! Shoot me some feedback!

Oh and also note that these are just SOOC to show my set-up samples. It’s a little hard to bring out a stuffed animals eyes and smooth its fur and still look natural lol!

My favorite clients :)

I haven’t had a client in about 2 weeks thanks to the weather and sickness’. But that doesn’t stop me from whipping out my camera or letting my props get dusty 🙂

The best part about this little “photoshoot” was its in walking distance of my apartment  and i just love the open nature feel. One day i plan to get brave and start knocking on some farmers and country landowners doors to find some fancy new locations with a good texas country feels cause i am sick of using public parks!! I dream of the day i get to go back to Texas where i know the land and the people and both are beautiful as ever 🙂 and that time is coming faster than you’d think! but more on that in the future (heehee)

Anyways this is my cute family making sure