Sugar Skull Shoot

This photoshoot was obviously inspired by the day of the dead makeup, or sugar skulls. I have a deep love for edgy things like this so when me and Charolette first talked about it I knew eventually I had to try one for myself 🙂 Our day was a bit more hectic and after 2 MUA cancelling on us and the one we actually got getting sick on the second girl we finally got out to the farm just a few short hours before the sun was completely down~ But in all it was a phenomenal shoot and I hope to do many more!


Day 19:The First of Many

I have been working like crazy trying to get this shoot put together just right and even though it was a bumpy road we made it out to the farm just in time and the models were so great we knocked it out before the sun went down and it got too cold. This is just a photo of me and the girls after everything was done 🙂 In all it was a great day!!


Day 18: Running Errands

Today was a SUPER busy day for me and little K. We finally got our car back from dad for the day so we had to get some business taken care of! Groceries, Diaper and clothes shopping (somebody had a growth spurt!) and a doctors appoint! Here is just a iphone photo of little K playing with one of those toy thingys at the doctors office and a silly one of the two of us in the car! 🙂 Love my baby girl


Day 17: A Great Dissapointment

Failure runs through my mind. Here’s my story of pure ignorance. I got up looked outside and thought to myself, today i’m gonna go down there and take some damn pictures of them trees! So i did. Climbed through the brush and got my vans all muddy for the sake of doing something new. Got back inside, opened up my photos into photoshop to resize and maybe play with some filters. This is the part where i got dumb. I deleted the originals on the memory card BEFORE saving them to my laptop. Photoshop crashed (which btw NEVER happens) so i lost them. Angry at myself i just quit for the day. But hey I know the photos i took and to be honest they looked pretty cool and maybe sometime this week I’ll climb back down there 🙂

Day 15

This was one of those rare phenomenons in toddler life where she actually fell asleep in the middle of a shopping trip! Easiest shopping trip ever! No putting back items she grabbed off the shelf, no yelling at everyone that passes by, no throwin a fit cause she sees something she wants. But then I thought to myself. Hmm. This shopping trip sucks without that excitement!! Lol