Day 20:The Birthday You’ll Never Remember

Yes we are family people and when it comes to our daughter we are SUPER responsible. So don’t mistake any of this for us being “party crazy” At the end of the day we are still just two youngins who still like to have a good time, when Little K is safely away with the babysitters of course 🙂

That leads us to my husband big birthday! Finally after already being in the army for two years able to have a beer after work. Sadly his birthday fell on a Sunday so pretty much nobody was open except the sports bars witch were packed FULL! But we still have a pretty good time at Chili’s, the Mac’s for a couple more drinks (and at this point he already threw up lol) Then a slow down back at our house. And even though normally i would take a ton of photos I decided to just sit back and enjoy the night off of being mommy and just being the trophy wife holding him up 😉

Oh and Little K got to spend the evening/night with her best friend Mallorie and those two had a BLAST 🙂 love those two together! (the photo of them was actually from like 2 months ago but i love it haha)

IMG_0375 copy IMG_0315 IMG_2845



3 thoughts on “Day 20:The Birthday You’ll Never Remember

    • Ha I know we never ever get to go out and usually only get to hang out with other people that have kids but all the guys in his unit aren’t married so they always wanna go out so it was cool to hang out with a different group. Can’t say I wasn’t texting our babysitter to check in though lol

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