Day 12: Low Light

Today I thought I would tackle something I seem to be very bad at, shooting in low light. Now i know my camera isn’t one of the top models so it still add a lot of noise at high ISO but after a little tweaking i think they came out pretty nice. Still i need of improvment but a decent start. So my question for my photog friends following me. How do you handle low light situations? And please include what camera and triangle settings you use! 🙂

IMG_9856 IMG_9891 Untitled-1 copy


One thought on “Day 12: Low Light

  1. You did a great job! When I shoot in low light I’ll open my aperture up as wide as it can go and I won’t go below 1/160 for my shutter speed unless I am using a tripod and then adjust my iso accordingly. Nine times out of ten I will convert them to b&w in post processing.

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