Day 11

I did it. I failed. Yet another plan to cut out the soda was greatly shattered today. I had 4. Yes 4 Dr.Peppers. Little K though is still pushing strong and she agreed to help me get back on the wagon! She is a champion water drinker but only from the water bottle! If it’s in a sippy cup don’t even think about it!!!

IMG_9834 copy








Also she has picked up a new hobby of walking around with her favorite word book and pointing out and telling me the different pictures she know the words for 🙂 It fills me up with so much joy to watch her learn and grow everyday and know that i’m doing things right. I of course get into slumps about not actually working a real job and helping provide especially when we get into tight financial situations and then one of those magical days happens where I realize how luck I am to be able to spend so much time with my little girl as she grows up so quickly right before our eyes.



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