Bring on the Fun Stuff

If you’ve liked my facebook page (which is where 90% of my viewers come from) you’ve seen that i’m planning my first photography project. By setting up these themes i’m really hoping to boost my portfolio into something amazing and truly skyrocket my photography as well! For some of them I might be including the Fayetteville Photography Group (They held the Walking Dead shoot) They are a great group of photographers always looking for something exciting and new to shoot and along with inviting their usual bunch of models i will be inviting my clients to join as well. Updates on the project will be exclusive to this blog since it is more of a personal endeavor however i will post the actual events through my page. This all of course takes a lot of planning and collaborating which since i don’t have too many photog friends here in town right now it makes it a little more difficult but i will be putting out new adds to find photogs to join me in the fun and get another set of eyes. So without further ado here is my list so far! And remember these are just rough ideas so try not to be too critical of my wording πŸ™‚

– Color War/Holi Powder (Couple, and Teams/Group)

– Daddy/Daughter Tea Party at the Rose Garden

– Back in the Dress

– Pin-Ups

– Light Writing (Sparklers, Glowsticks,Flashlights)

– Tattoo Stand (This one needs explanation lol it’s like a leamonade stand but instead of cute primped kids selling drinks, it’s rockstar kids with (temporary) tats being some ink masters πŸ™‚

– Superhero (most likely little boys and some female/couples models as well)

– Senior Couple (No not the high school kind, the kind that have seen it all, done it all, and still love each other the same way they did in the beggining)

– Mother/Daughter Session + Father/Son

– Girls Slumber Party!

– Female Fight Club (Yep sounds ridiculous but hey if men can look all intense why can’t we??)

– Sports Couples (Football, Baseball, Etc.)

– Pets! πŸ™‚ (Because they deserve some glamour too!)

I might change my mind on some and add more along the way but so far this is what we are running with πŸ™‚

Can’t Wait!


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