The 365 Project

I am pretty good about doing the 52-week projects on the Photographer’s Connection facebook page since i found them. Then i found in one of my books that doing a 365 project can be SUPER helpful and even just cool to watch my photography progress πŸ™‚ I was worried at first because i mean a photo a day? EVERY day?! I’d hate to reach the day that i am at a loss for inspiration. But isn’t that the point? To make me reach further than the first things that pop into my head. So to help aid for those difficult days or when i need a quick thought i’m creating an “Inspiration Jar” like suggested in Beyond Snapshots. A jar filled with words snipped out of newspapers and magazines. Simple words to give me that special, easily missed photo.


Along with this project I guess i could go ahead and lay out the rest of my goals for this year!

-I want to attend at least 1 or 2 major workshops hopefully earlier in the year than later

-Upgrading my camera and collecting new lens’ and other toys (of course)

-Get in more photos with my family and friends (sadly the only down-side to becoming a photographer so far is that i see myself in less and less photos)

-Complete at least 6 – 8 projects off of my Bucket List (I’ll be making that post tomorrow πŸ™‚

-Get regular daily traffic through my blog

-Get Featured!! (pretty much anywhere)

-Make my own pose/quick tips for my camera bag to help with those off days

Of course i have tons more i’d like to accomplish along with other personal goals and really just trying to enjoy my little crazy family a little more because in the end of it all they are the force that drives me to do what i love and the best inspiration (and models for my photo taking torture lol) i could ever ask for

So here goes nothin! Wish me luck πŸ™‚

My first snap is a little selfie with some help from my better half (who literally just pushed the button for me so i’m still considering it mine!) it’s not a top notch photo but i thought it was a good place to start

Me and Myself


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