Lights, Lighting, Lighten.

Well its no question to any photographer, getting that photo is 90% based on light. What time of day is the light best? Is it overcast or is it beaming down? Can i get enough natural light in the room or am i actually gonna have to use this horrible thing they call an on-camera flash? You can’t really predict how the light is gonna be during your session(at least not with anough time to do anything about it!) This is where having a knowledgable photographer makes all the difference. Now i’m not saying im any kind of light wizard because as you all know i’m still a toddler just learning to walk in this profession 🙂 My current project is the perfect bokeh photo! (I’m a sucker for focus contrast!) So i’ll direct this post to my photog friends! How do you work with the light? Share some tips, times of day you prefer, or even lighting equiptment you love and adore! Keep on clickin! 🙂


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