Rockin It Out Larynx Style

If you know me personally you’d know I am all about alternative/punk rock music, lots of big tattoos, all that jazz 🙂 So i knew my high school friend was in this band and doing their first EP album release (which is amazing by the way you should totally check them out very smooth, Starships is my fav 🙂 links below) so of course i offered to cover because it was during our trip home and helped me keep my mind off of Little K staying with grandparents overnight for the first time! I had a blast meeting the guys they were all really awesome and super nice and if was my first time using my brand new speedlight for their “Red Carpet Premier” themed backdrop they had all set up for me. They were only missing one thing. Light! It was a dang bat cave in there and so of course my camera couldn’t see them to even focus on them properly. My solution you may ask?  An pen-sized LED light wand. So here i am balancing my extremely top-heavy camera in one hand and this little light wand in the other far apart enough so that they dont get in the way of each other. I’m sure you can in vision how ridiculous i looked lol. But it was all good fun and the photos came out fine, crooked! but fine 🙂 As for the actual concert well of course it was awesome. The guys were on fire and so was the crowd. All together it was a great time for everybody and I hope they are still in little ol’ Bryan/College Station when i get back but with their talent i highly doubt it! 🙂

Larynx Music

Tell em i sent you 😉


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