A facelift and a new name

So i’ve been pretty absent from my blog partly because of how busy iv’e been and partly because nobody ever looks at this thing so i moved it to the bottom of my list. I finally changed the name from KLG Snapshots to MicheleGinnPhotography for many reasons.

First, I think its sounds much more professional and not like i only specialize for kids and families. Don’t get me wrong i love shooting little kiddos but i love balancing it with some real romance and even some edgy sexy shoots i have planned for the future đŸ˜‰

Second, if i had another kid it didn’t seem fair to name my buisness after my first. Probably not a good idea to begin with my what can i say đŸ™‚ my little K is my world!!

So with the new name came a new logo which i think also just fits perfectly with my style and with me. Now that christmas photo season is over (for me at least) January is the start of a whole new plan. While still doing shoots for families, babies, birthdays, and couples i have come up with a little “theme list” Just some ideas and things i’ve always looked at and said “Man, i wish i could shoot something like that” It’s everything from a daddy-daughter tea party at the rose gardens to showing off some sexy tattoos for some edgy pin ups. I’ll probably post up my list of ideas here when i get back to NC along with all the photoshoots i’ve done the past 2 weeks! But for now i’m gonna relax and spend some quality time with my family with a few little shoots here and there.

Happy Holidays Everybody!


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