Baby Fever!

When this momma first contacted me she told me she was just looking for a headshot of her little munchkin for an upcoming pageant. So of course I jumped on the chance! I love babies and let’s be honest in photography it’s weddings, seniors, and NEWBORNS! So it gave me a chance to take a shot at some baby photos 🙂

So i transformed Little K’s old drop side crib into a little mobile baby studio (i am one DIY-loving fool if you didn’t already figure that out lol) after buying a little bit of fabric and using some of Little K’s baby blankets it all came together pretty well. Momma Goode brought her angel to my apartment and this little girl was so cooperative other than when she wanted to just look outside 🙂 But i think the photos came out great and this pageat princess is ready for the stage!

As for my mini-studio, I may still be far from where i’d like to be for full sessions but hey…gotta start somewhere!


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