Halloween + ZombieWalk2012

So I’m a little late getting this up. Last friday was fourth friday in downtown Fayetteville and in spirit of Halloween they had a huge ZombieWalk. Tons and tons of zombies with makeups ranging from kids costumes to movie-quality. I had the idea to invite people within our photography group to come before hand for a  halloween costume photoshoot and even though we had around 10-12 photographer we had exactly 0 models!! So i tossed some dirt and fake blood up on my little K and figured i could at least shoot her (as if i didn’t have enough photos of her) that was until these girls gave me a ring 🙂 So we threw out some sexy poses and two of them even jumped in the freezing fountain.

Afterwards we walked out to the street where they had side street shows like belly dancers and acoustic singers. We had a blast just walking up and down the streets listening to live bands and taking in the street lights. Coming from a tiny Texas town we never really saw anything like this lol. Even K had fun dancing in the streets and eating chicken strips from one of the restaurants 🙂

At exactly 8PM the zombies stepped out and it was awesome! I snagged photos until my battery ran dead (which was pretty quickly lol) Sadly since i don’t have that great of equipment to shoot in low light like that the photos didn’t come out great but it’s a memory and time spent with my family that i will cherish


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