Redefining Bright Eyes!

So i always show up early to my locations to make sure its not being used or anything before my clients show up just in case i need to change venues last minute especially since this was my first time shooting in this location. While scouting around the spot (which i loved btw) a ran into another photographer waiting to meet his clients. He had some legit equipment and stuff and he noticed my camera and when a novice would think my short little lens wasnt very professional he knew i was using a prime fixed lens and we got to talking about everything from equipment to where he does his print (apparently Sams does amazing prints?! Who knew!) and after swapping a few quick stories he gave me some pretty inspirational advice. But on to the actual shoot…

This was my firsts totally kid focused session and after learning from a few mistakes dealing with kiddos in the past i made sure to bring plenty of toys and candy and jump and play with them more. It totally helped because the kids were having fun with the stuff i brought and it was actually SUPER easy to shoot them. Not together of course but separately and a few with mom too 🙂 And because i didn’t need much cooperation because they were just THAT photogenic the whole shoot only took about an hour which compared to my usual 2-3 was insane! Great kids, beautiful mom, and lots and lots of love ❤


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