Boot Love…It’s a Texas thing

This couple was from San Antonio so instantly i knew they would be awesome. I mean when you come from a place as cool as Texas being awesome is like a requirement haha! When this family showed up all decked out in cowboy boots i knew it would be a good day. Little did i know these sleepy angels would give me a run for my money!

After getting stripped from their car ride induced nap mom & dad gave them a bit of chocolate to get the girls going. And for the first thirty minutes or so it seemed to be working! But soon the oldest wanted to find bugs and tell her abuela about the “tunnel” aka tiny gutter and the youngest really just wanted to run! 🙂 I got some good ones of the girls and some even better ones of the parents yet not even in one shot could i get everyone to look at me in a full family photo! So i’ll probably be blending together photos day and night for the next week! lol But it’ll be worth it in the end and i have another fun shoot in mind that this family would be perfect for but i don’t shoot and tell 🙂 and this time we’ll pick a time away from nap time!


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