Cheesy pictures, dead birds, and lots of wind!

I promise all questions concerning my titles always get answered in the post, I’m not completely insane! I had been talking to Ellen for a while planning this shoot and minus the playground (which would have been awesome!) i think all of our ideas (kinda) came through. The wind and the broken bubble wand screwed up the bubble idea but i like the toy truck espeically cause it really popped out of the pictures! Her one request was the chalkboard photos and other than their height difference which was a little challenging but adorable they were a breeze! I guess compared to working with kids and large groups i really underestimated how quickly and easy couple could be! 🙂 After some fun pictures we wanted to cute a little more romantic so we headed into downtown under the market tower and then a cute little alley we saw while walking around trying to find a bathroom for the wardrobe change (never found one lol) This alley though pretty with exposed brick and vines we found like 3 old dead birds but luckily none of us really cared so we just pushed on.

I had a blast working with this couple and just wandering around downtown talking about everything from our cars to what we would name our kids 🙂


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