“On the beach, you can live in bliss.” – Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys

It’s gonna be pretty hard to top this shoot but of corse i think that with every shoot. Using tons of inspiration and then forgetting most of it and winging the whole thing we got TONS of amazing shots!!I even surprised myself on this one. Although a few were overexposed which was my fault for not catching it quick enough and changing my settings and of corse all the other beachgoers photobombing us which can be easily bleanded out on Tuesday when my Elements comes in almost all the other shots didnt need even a little editing! Which makes me truely believe i am getting to be a better photographer. But anyways lets talk about the actual shoot 🙂

It started and continued just like the last one. With a bunch of whiney girls(and by girls i mean all the dudes!)

We try a pose and then hope the littlest girl was at least looking but hopefully looking AND smiling 🙂 We wanted to get more shots of the kids but i couldn’t get them to stay together! So i took some shots of them all playing and continued with the couples which was both fun and a little steamy! (ow ow!)

Oh and my family got to come with me! K had a BLAST all i could see while shooting was her in the distance belly flopping in the sad and sprinting in the ocean 🙂

What i learned most from this shoot was that my hard work is paying off and my photos are really shaping up into what i dreamed they would be but this doesnt mean i get a rest! Another cute couple awaits me in the morning 😉

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