note to self…DONT BRING THE KID

i was very worried that i wasn’t going to make it to this shoot and with how some of my photos turned out (too much noise or not enough focus) i almost wish i had! but hey some pictures are better than none i suppose so lets tell this story from the beginning. I’ve had this homecoming planned or as well as you can plan a homecoming for about a month and a half. All was well and set until my babysitter canceled on my last minute. Now my daughter is usually the quiet one who is just a little shy around other people. Well just my luck she has officially started the “run around like a maniac and explore my ENTIRE world” stage. oh joy. so she ran. i chased. she climbed. i snatched. but she finally chilled out right when the soldiers arrived (thank GOD!) so i readied my camera and waited for the big release! little did i know i was taking photos of the human bullet! That girl was FAST! so i snatched my daughter and while holding her caught any snap i could of them (professional i know but we already figured out bringing her was a bad idea) And i finally got past the mob of soldiers and families to my couple, caught some more pictures and left kicking myself in the butt for thinking that was good enough. So lets review the lessons learned.

1.DONT BRING THE KID don’t even think about it

2.Green Ramp has horrible lighting

3.When they say release be prepared to run

4.stop wearing jeans when those sheds are a million degrees!!

but at the end of the day a girl got her soldier back and they lived happily ever after 🙂 Welcome Home Justin!


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