It started with a little girl…

I’ve always been know as the girl who took a million pictures. I just loved looking back on them and reminiscing all the good times and great stories we all had to share. So of course when i found out i was pregnant i knew my camera would be getting a work out. Also with her daddy having to leave us soon after her birth to go back to training he was asking for new snaps every minute he was off. So i invested in a SLR camera, expensive but i just knew it was worth the amazing photos id have of my little girl growing up. And even though most of the very important moments got caught with iPhone cameras or in horrible lighting they still turn out to be your favorites. So most of my practicing comes from sticking my camera in her sweet face hoping she doesn’t grab the lens or throw anything or just straight up run the other way 🙂

Here’s a few of our favorites


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